Scholar Spotlight – BRIDGET

May 13th, 2021|

Meet Bridget! She is a Class of 2020 Latino U Scholar from Ossining High School and currently a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. We can still remember virtually meeting with Bridget last year as she was deciding which university to attend. We are so happy that she is thrilled with her decision and thriving at Penn! 


I can’t believe I am almost done with my freshman year at Penn, and I wanted to fill you in on my experience and future plans.

First semester was definitely a tough transition since everything was virtual and I wasn’t on campus. However, I managed to connect with people at Penn and adjusted to my college workload in a virtual setting. Fortunately, I was able to push through the difficulties and managed to get a 4.0 my first semester!! Although the courses have been challenging, I have enjoyed all of them and am currently leaning towards the Neuroscience major on a pre-med track.

For my second semester, we remained completely online, but I finally got to live on campus. The campus is absolutely beautiful, especially now that the weather is nice. I can imagine that there was more activity on campus in non-Covid years, but I am able to feel the vibrant community of students as I walk down Locust walk. Sometimes it still feels unreal that I am at Penn.

I have also gotten involved in a few organizations:

  • I am part of the Johnson Scholars program which supports Penn minority students that are interested in going into Medical school.
  • I also joined the physician shadowing committee in Penn Neuroscience Society and the awareness committee for FIMRC (Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children).
  • In the fall, I also became a TA for the neuro-pipeline program where we get to teach students in West Philly.
  • This semester I became involved in Puentes de Salud which is the clinic in South Philly that supports the Latino immigrant population. Through Puentes, I have been mentoring Latina high school students in Philly through their education program, and I will begin helping the clinic through phone calls and scheduling vaccination appointments. This has been the perfect way to connect to the Latino community and give back to the Philly community.

Finally, for my summer plans, I was able to get a paid summer research internship at Penn!! I will be conducting research in Dr. Irwin’s lab on Frontotemporal dementia which focuses on brain histopathology and neuroimaging analysis. 

Next year will definitely be more challenging based on the schedule I have, but I am super excited to go to class in person, explore more interests, and meet new people. 

Once again, thank you so much for everything you and LUCA have done, I wouldn’t have made it without you.