Impact  Defying the Odds

Impact in Action

Nationally, only 1 out of 10 first-generation college students earn a four-year degree. At LUCA, 99% of Scholars remain on track to graduate or have graduated. Providing access to higher education is critical among low-income Latino youth. College graduates have greater career opportunities and earn substantially more over their lifetimes. But, the benefits of higher education go beyond economic gains. Education can change everything!

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Serving Our Community

We partner with school districts that have high Latino student populations (approx. 50% or more) across Westchester County, New York. With the support of dedicated volunteers, we deliver culturally-relevant college access and financial aid programs in Spanish and English.

3,990 parents and students attended Community Information Sessions
3,493 parents and students participated in FAFSA completion programs
97% of families completed and submitted FAFSA applications
78% of families served reported annual household incomes at or below $50K

College Success & Workforce Development

The need for a well-educated workforce grows increasingly urgent. Latinos are the nation’s youngest and fastest-growing demographic; they will account for 50% of new employees entering the workforce by 2025.

We guide Scholars every step of the way as they navigate college and transition into thriving careers. Our ongoing support focuses on college success, career readiness, and financial literacy.

of Scholars are attending “most selective” or “very selective” universities versus 12% nationally.
of Scholars are pursuing STEM degrees versus 17% nationally.
of the U.S. labor market is Latino, but only 4% of Fortune 500 executives are Latino.
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Meet Our Familia

At LUCA, we are one big Familia. When Scholars cry reading acceptance letters from their dream schools, those tears of joy are not only in celebration of a milestone moment; they symbolize the fulfillment of a family’s dream. That all of the sacrifices, extra shifts, and late nights were worth it.

Karen Volunteer College Coach “I wish more people understood the grit and determination shown by Latino U Scholars; they push themselves so hard to overcome every obstacle. As for the families, I find the intensity of love and pride they have for their children to be simply incredible.”
Franklin New York University ’24 “Knowing who I am and where I come from motivates me. I am the first in my family to graduate from high school and will be the first to graduate college. Everyone that comes after me will have it easier, and I love that.”
Maria & Uriel Scholar Parents “Our daughter’s dreams are coming true! When she was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania, we all cried tears of joy for many days. This has changed her life and ours. As a family, we will never be the same again.”
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