Career Readiness  

Preparing First-Gen Professionals and Leaders

The Future Workforce

As the Baby Boomer generation exits the workforce, they will leave a gap of experience, skills, and institutional knowledge. It will be up to employers and the next generation of innovators to apply creative approaches to ease this departure.

As the youngest and largest ethnic group in the United States, Latinos will represent 75% of labor force growth over the next eight years. Our Scholars are culturally rich and highly motivated; however, they will need support to propel them from entry- or mid-level work into management and C-suite positions.

Career-readiness workshops focus on professional development and networking skills, engaging students on topics such as the transition into the workplace, resume writing, interview skills, professional etiquette, and other critical soft skills that first-generation students may not be exposed to or learn at home.

Trying to Attract More Diverse Talent?

Become a Corporate Partner! We are seeking partners to meet the growing college and career needs of low-income, first-generation Latino students. Our partners invite Scholars to visit their offices (virtually and in person), enabling students to discover new career pathways, explore a corporate environment, and practice their networking skills.