Volunteer Consent Form  

This Agreement is by and between the undersigned (“Volunteer”) and Latino U College Access (“LUCA”) and describes the corresponding roles and responsibilities.

Thank you for choosing to become a College Coach or Essay Supporter with LUCA. Your support will make a significant difference in the lives of our students (“Scholars”) and furthers our mission to increase college access and success among high achieving, low-income Latino students who are the first in their families to go to college. We look forward to working with you collaboratively and cooperatively to ensure our Scholars’ success.

Role of Latino U College Access

  • Identify best practices and resources to support low-income, first-generation Latino students.
  • Deliver expertise, insights and cultural relevance that support college access and success goals.
  • Support Volunteers by providing training, sharing resources, and overseeing the application process.
  • Deliver workshops about the college search, application, and financial aid processes.
  • Provide specialized essay support, SAT/ACT diagnostics, and preparation.
  • Support Scholars with their successful transition to college, internships, and careers.
  • Engage parents in workshops to encourage participation in their child’s application process.
  • Provide guidance in Scholar financial aid applications, award evaluation, and decision making.

Role of Volunteer

  • College Coach & Essay Supporter:
    • Support LUCA’s mission to increase college enrollment of first-generation Latino youth.
    • Contact LUCA immediately if any concerns or challenging situations arise.
    • Share and celebrate good news and successes with LUCA Team!

  • College Coach:
    • Support and guide Scholar(s) throughout the college search and application process.
    • Assist Scholar(s) with preparation, research, and submission of materials necessary for college applications, meeting deadlines set by colleges and/or LUCA.
    • Collaborate with LUCA Team on college list, personal statement. supplements, and activities.

  • Essay Supporter:
    • Collaborate with Scholar, Coaches, and LUCA supporting development of Scholar’s college essays. 

Volunteer Requirements

  • College Coach & Essay Supporter:
    • College degree.
    • Computer literacy and strong communication skills.
    • Consent for a background check and fingerprinting and reimbursement of Latino U College Access for the fee (if needed).
    • Participation in orientation and training workshops during late Spring and early Summer.
    • Attendance of additional workshops and presentations as required throughout the school year. 

  • College Coach:
    • Recent experience with the college application process either for self, family, or work-related.
    • Ability to make a one-year commitment to serve as a College Coach, which includes frequently meeting with assigned Scholar(s) throughout senior year of high school.

  • Essay Supporter:
    • Recent experience with college essay writing for self, family, or work-related.
    • Ability to commit to serve on the Essay Support Team, which includes frequently meeting with Scholars and/or Coaches during Summer and Fall seasons.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • College Coach & Essay Supporter:
    • Work collaboratively and cooperatively with LUCA Team.
    • Accurately report volunteering hours and tasks completed on a monthly basis. 
    • Notify LUCA if circumstances arise making it no longer possible to perform your responsibilities.

  • College Coach:
    • Meet with Scholar(s) regularly, ensuring they stay on track with their college application process.
    • Collaborate on materials including college list, personal statement. supplements, and activities.
    • Facilitate Scholar(s) compliance with all LUCA and college deadlines.

  • Essay Supporter:
    • Meet with assigned Scholars and Coaches regularly, supporting the college essay writing process.
    • Collaborate on materials including personal statements and supplements.

Volunteer Policies

  • College Coach & Essay Supporter:
    • Be professional and friendly in dealings with students, families, the public, and other volunteers.
    • Respect boundaries and maintain appropriate behavior in all dealings with students.
    • Do not lend or give money to students or families. If someone appears to have a serious financial need, please inform the LUCA Director of Programs immediately to enable us to assist.
    • Please do not give gifts to students. A small logo item from their college of choice is allowed for graduation.
    • Do not drive students and/or members of their families.

  • College Coach:
    • Conduct meetings with Scholar(s) virtually or in public spaces, including libraries, coffee shops, LUCA office, or Scholar’s school.

  • Essay Supporter:
    • Conduct meetings with assigned Scholars and Coaches virtually in support of college essay preparation.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

  • Volunteer agrees that all information obtained in connection with the services provided is deemed confidential. Volunteer shall not use, publish, discuss, or disclose the contents of such information, directly or indirectly with third parties, except as required or approved by LUCA.  
  • Volunteer shall maintain student, parent, and high school information confidential and not discuss personal, financial, or academic records with other persons, firms, or organizations outside of LUCA.   
  • All materials provided are the sole property of LUCA and are protected under trademark, trade secrets, and copyright laws. Please do not copy, adapt, or distribute to others outside LUCA.
  • LUCA materials may not be used to provide college coaching/mentoring, or any other service, to anyone other than your LUCA Scholar.
  • The LUCA Executive Director is responsible for all communication with the media.  All press requests, comments, or interviews must be referred to the Executive Director or the Communications Manager.

Our Policy:  It is LUCA policy to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.  

Background Check: By signing and submitting this application, I agree to undergo a background check on an annual basis and fingerprinting as needed.

I acknowledge that I have applied to volunteer my services in the programs of Latino U College Access (LUCA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to making college aspirations a reality for first-generation Latino students. I acknowledge that, if accepted, I will not be an employee of LUCA and will abide by all the policies and procedures of LUCA. I understand that while LUCA takes seriously the need to provide a safe workplace for staff and volunteers, LUCA cannot insulate me from unforeseen circumstances which may cause me harm. I assume the normal risks of such volunteer service and, if accepted, I agree, on my own behalf and on behalf of my representatives, assigns, heirs, and kin, to release and hold LUCA, its officers, directors, employees, agents or volunteers, harmless from all risks, responsibilities, liabilities, claims or actions arising out of or in any way related to my volunteer services at LUCA. I further consent to unrestricted use of photographs, recordings, interviews, videotapes, motion pictures, or similar visual recordings of me taken in connection with my volunteer services.
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